Research Report:

The 2023 State of Safety Report.

95% of fleets believe safety is a priority. But is that really true? We surveyed more than 1,100 businesses to understand how fleets think about safety and what they’re doing to improve it. The data is clear: Organizations that choose not to invest in safety are losing across the board. This multi-industry study reveals that many fleets still view safety as a cost center, even though recent research proves otherwise.

This data-packed report explores how:

  • Delays in safety investments reduce profitability
  • Active coaching practices can impact fuel costs
  • AI safety technology combats economic challenges

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95% of fleets say safety is a priority

But increasing revenue and minimizing expenses come first.

40% of fleets say they’re underinvested in driver safety

A vast majority of respondents say they’ll implement new tools this year.

57% decrease in unsafe driving after using an AI safety solution

Adoption reduced risky behavior like close following.