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How AI dash cams improve driver safety and lower insurance costs.

As accidents, repair costs, and lawsuits have risen in the last decade, fleet insurance costs have too. But you don’t have to settle for the status quo. Learn how to earn better rates from the experts at Sentry Insurance.

In a data-packed guide full of insight from Sentry and industry leaders, you’ll see what’s driving rates up and how AI dash cams can help bring them down.

You’ll get insight on:

  • The “perfect storm” of factors impacting rates
  • How to use AI dash cams to reduce insurance costs
  • Why AI dash cams are the ultimate defense in litigation
  • What’s causing drivers to accept dash cams more easily

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Save on insurance premiums.
Shared customers of Motive and Sentry can save up to 5% on premiums by sharing their telematics data with Sentry. For large fleets, 5% savings can add up to $10,000 or more.

44% of organizations with driver safety programs reduced insurance costs.
Motive data shows a strong link between driver safety programs and lower rates.

57% of fleets that use AI dash cams see a decline in unsafe driving behaviors.
By reducing behaviors that lead to accidents and claims, AI dash cams can prevent costly payouts and strengthen your bottom line.
Save on insurance premiums.